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We are involved in all sectors of the international dry cargo chartering market offering our clients tailored made services, be it for charterers or ship owners small or large. We can coordinate our efforts to meet the specific needs of the client via an international network of associates and business partners.

Our experience provides our clients with the added value that comes with decades of having successfully worked on hundreds of projects world wide.

We can represent Ship Owners or Charterers on a direct, exclusive, or semi exclusive basis for:

  • Time Charter Employment.
  • Voyage Chartering .
  • Project Chartering .
  • Contracts of affreightment.

As an independent ship broker we aim to focus on our client’s individual needs insuring that all business activity is conducted in a transparent and professional manner having the clients’ bottom line in mind. We work step by step with the client to insure that the goals set out are reached taking into consideration the constraints each client has to work around.

We will only undertake business that we consider to be viable within international shipping norms and will never undertake a project we can not envision the successful end realized. To achieve success we draw on a) past experience b) The existing international environment c) our world wide network of partners and d) a strong work ethic all going to ensure our clients success.

We welcome your requirements